Valentines Man – Make Your Own Balloon Sculpture

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One of the cutest things we have seen recently is the Valentines Man Balloon Sculpture. We simply had to try to make our own and see the result.

It is one of our ideas that we recommend for that unique and special valentine gift.

Whether it be as gift for that special man in your life or an opportunity to make a few extra pennies by selling on to your friends and family, the Valentines Man Balloon Sculpture is a reasonably simple eight step fun project that is very rewarding to undertake.

There are many options available and a simple google search on images will give you your own ideas for that personalised Valentines Day gift that can be given to your special man. If you’re bored with giving the same old aftershave then one of these Balloon Sculptures is a unique alternative that will put a smile on his face.

Making your sculpture is really quite simple and doesn’t require years of training etc, although there are a few fiddly techniques that may require a small amount of practice. We have chosen our own Valentines Man design to show you how to do it with step-by-step instructions,

Please take your time and have some fun creating this wonderful sculpture. Feel free to alter the design / style of balloons etc to fit exactly how you’d like your Balloon Man to look.

What You’ll Need to Make that Man Smile

  • 1 18″ red foil heart balloon
  • 1 18″ clear heart decorated stuffing balloon
  • 4 5″ latex red round balloons
  • 4 11″ latex red round balloons
  • 4 11″ latex black round balloons
  • 3 6″ latex red heart balloons
  • 3 260q latex red modeling balloons
  • Balloon Air Punp

  • 1 pack of Glu Dots
  • A small length of arch line (or fishing line)
  • 1 4″ small red foil heart  balloon or red rose for decoration
  • 1 4″ x 6″ clear cellophane lollipop bag
  • A small amount of red curling ribbon (5mm wide),
  • 1 balloon stick
  • Mini heat sealer
  • Balloon sizer
  • Scissors

(Please feel free to click on our links above, which lead you to our recommended suppliers, where you can order the materials required.)

Step 1 – Choosing Your Materials

Selecting your balloons is really quite simple, Click on the links above for our recommended balloons, or simple visit your local card or party shop and have a look around. The only slight difficulty is going to be to get your proportions correct, so that your final result looks like a man, rather than a teddy bear etc. Choose the right size balloons and use a balloon sizer when blowing them up.

For this particular Balloon Man design, only a small amount of ribbon is required and therefore if you have any lying around from previous make your own balloon projects such as the Valentines Balloon Bouquets then feel free to use that. Whilst we recommend red is the ideal colour for the ribbon used on a Valentine sculpture, black, white or pink are ideal alternatives.

Cellophane Lollipop bags come in different sizes and once more can be found via our links above or from your local cake decorating shop. Ensure you choose the right size to fit the balloon / item that your are going to place in the little man’s hand.

Balloon Sticks are usually a standard size and can be cut down to the size required to suit your model. They can be found online via our links or at your local craft or party shop.

Step 2 – Preparing Your Man’s Bits.

As with any project, it’s always worth doing a little of preparation first and making sure you have a clean and tidy work area. Getting all your materials organised and set-out ready for use should always be the first step. Simple steps like this often ensure the project is fun. Running around, searching for a pair of scissors will just take extra time and add unnecessary stress rather than enjoyment.

For your ribbon, cut a 30cm length of the red colour ribbon then measure 10cm and at that point fold it back over on itself, leaving the remaining 10cm for curling.

Cut your balloon stick with a standard pair of scissors (or a set of florist’s cutters) to be about 15cm long.

Step 3 – Make Him Smile

Inflating a Foil Valentines Balloon Man's Head - Fig 31Excellent your now ready to start blowing up your man’s head. Select your 18″ red foil heart balloon and get ready to begin.

Gently insert the nozzle of your ‘balloon air pump valve’ into the opening of the red foil balloon valve. Take care not to use too much force in case you tear the foil.

Holding with your thumb and index finger, begin inflating the balloon. The type of valve works simply by applying downward pressure to the flexible section (Fig. 31). If you’ve not used one of these before, press it down very gently so that you get a slow, controlled release of the air.

Continue to inflate the balloon until it is firm. Take care not to over inflate.

Rolling the Modeling Balloon inside the tail - Fig 32Now, take 1 of the 260q latex red modelling balloons and do NOT inflate. Stretch the modelling balloon out straight and place it onto the tail of the foil head heart shaped balloon. Roll the modelling balloon inside the tail (Fig. 32) so that tail touches the base of the foil and then tie the modelling balloon around the tail so that they are tightly tied together.

Step 4 – Giving Him a Belly

Time to give your Balloon Man a belly with some guts.

Inflating a red heart balloon inside a stuffing Balloon - Fig 41

Start by semi- inflating the 18″  clear stuffing balloons with the air balloon pump using a standard valve. Carefully insert the top of one of the 6″ latex red heart balloons into the stuffing balloon, trying not to release too much air and ensuring the tail heart balloon remains outside the stuffing balloon.

Inflating Balloons inside a stuffing balloon - Fig 42Inflate the 6″ latex red heart balloon with the air balloon pump using a standard valve (or use a hand pump if your prefer). See Fig.’s 41 and 42. It should be approximately 5″ in diameter when inflated. Tie off the ends as per a standard balloon and then cut of the tails with scissors as near to the knot as possible.

Now repeat the process for the other 3 6″ red heart balloons, inserting them partly into the stuffing balloon one at a time and topping up the stuffing balloon with air if you don’t have enough room.

Once you are happy that you have your guts sitting inside your belly comfortably, inflate the clear stuffing balloon fully to 18″ with the air balloon pump. If you need to use your balloon sizer once more, to ensure you have the correct proportions. Finally, tie-off the end of the stuffing balloon, leaving the tail intact.

Step 5 – Standing Your Man Up

The next step is giving your man a base (or set of feet and legs) to stand upon.

Tying two balloons together - Fig 51Begin by inflating the 4 11″ latex black round balloons with the air balloon pump using a standard valve as per step 4. These should all be approximately 9″ in diameter when inflated, allowing them to be nice, sturdy and bouncy but not flying off everywhere. Again use the balloon sizer to assist you in making sure they are all uniform.

Cutting off the balloon tails - Fig 52Tie off the ends by tying a set of two balloons together (Fig. 51) and cut of the tails with scissors as near to the knots as possible (Fig. 52). Finally, twist the four black balloons (2 sets of 2) together to make the initial sturdy base (Fig. 53).

Twisting 4 Balloons Together - Fig 53In a similar manner now inflate the 4 11″ latex red round balloons with the air balloon pump but only inflate to approximately 7″ in diameter. Use the balloon sizer again to assist with sizing. Tie off the ends and tie them into sets of 2 and cut of the tails and twist as you did with the black balloons.

Tying Balloon Sets together with arch line - Fig 54

Carefully tie the black and red balloons together around the twists with a small piece of arch line (Fig’s 54 and 55). Cut off any excess arch line so that it looks neat.

Tying Balloon Sets together with arch line - Fig 55Glu Dot the base to the belly using 4 glu dots, one per red balloon (Fig. 56). Ensure you are glu dotting to the top of the clear stuffed balloon (i.e. not the neck / tied end).

Attaching Glu Dots to Balloons -  Fig 56Wonderful, our Valentines Man is starting to come together and take shape.

Step 6 – Shaping His Muscles

OK it’s now time to tie the head and belly together and give our man some muscles (arms).

Using modeling balloons as ties - Fig 61Tie the 2 ends of the non-inflated modelling balloon around the bottom of the neck of the stuffing balloon, attaching the man’s head to his belly (Fig. 61). Ensure the knot is sufficiently tight so that head will not come loose, although at this point it will still be very wobbly.

Tying Modeling Balloons together - Fig 62To start the arms, inflate the other 2 260q latex red modelling balloons to their full length using the air balloon pump and tie the ends together (Fig. 62).

Twisting modeling balloons - Fig 63To make the hands it a little fiddly, if you’ve not done balloon modelling before. Twist two bubbles near one the end of the balloon, leaving enough room at the end of the balloon for a final third bubble (Fig. 63).

Making  mans hand with a modeling balloon - Fig 64Always ensure that you are twisting at least 3 times in the same direction each time. Bend over the end of the balloon to the first bubble twist and tie loop them together to lock the twists (Fig. 64). Repeat on the over other end of the modelling balloon for the other hand.

Attaching the arms to the Valentines Balloon Man - Fig 65Attach the arms, from the twist in the middle of the modelling balloon, twist it once tightly around the neck join of the head and the belly (Fig. 65).

Glu Dot the arm to the Valentines Balloon Man's Belly - Fig 66Finally glu dot one arm to the top and side of the belly (Fig. 66). Leave the other arm loose and just bend it slightly upwards as though your little man is waving.

Step 7 – A Strong Neck

Our Valentines Sculpture little man would not be complete, without a bulging neck.

Twisting the Balloon Man's Neck - Fig 71Start the neck by inflating the 4 5″ latex red round balloons with the balloon pump as you did for the base balloons. They should all be about 4″ in diameter each when finished Check with the balloon sizer to ensure they are all around the same size. Tie off the ends and then twist a set of two balloons together and cut off the tails with scissors.

Attaching the neck to the Valentines Balloon Man - Fig 72Twist the four together and then slide them around one side of the head / neck (Fig. 71) and twist the two front balloons together at the other side of the head ( Fig. 72) to lock them into place, ensuring the twist is above the arms.

You’ve now got a cute Balloon Man ready to be presented as a gift for your valentine. Just add the final finishing touch lollipop (or rose), should you wish to.

Step 8 – The Finished Man

Give your little man sculpture a lollipop balloon or rose in his waving arm just to finish him off for a bit fun.

Inserting a rose into the Valentines Balloon Man's Hand - Fig 81For the rose, simply insert the stem/ plastic holder containing the rose, between the twists of the hands (Fig. 81).

For the lollipop, grab your final balloon, the 4″ red heart foil, and inflate it using the pump. The 4″ balloons cannot be tied, and therefore you need to use the heat sealer.

Attach the inflated balloon to the balloon stick using a glue dot on the tail of the balloon and then insert into the lollipop bag. Tie the bag closed with the red curling ribbon and then tie the curling ribbon around the hand of the waving man.

Finally, curl the ribbon from the knot all the way to the end, using a pair of scissors (place the ribbon between your thumb and the blade edge and then pull the scissors down) and cut-off any excess ribbon that you do not want.

Surprising Your Man

The finished complete Valentines Balloon ManAnd you’re done!

Congratulations on making your own unique Valentines Sculpture.

A cute little man that will compliment or even replace that bottle of aftershave.

Good luck! Please don’t hesitate to bookmark our site and return to us for some more great ideas here at Potters Party Balloons.

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  1. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide to make our own Balloon and I find it is very useful for everyone like me. Your step by step process is very easy and understandable. Now I will try to make my lovely balloon. A cute little man that will compliment or even replace that bottle of aftershave. Thanks for your lovely suggestion.

    • Hi Parveen,

      Thank you for your comments. We are glad you enjoyed the post. Have fun making your balloon man and be sure to send us a photo when you have finished. We will happily create an area on our site dedicated to people who have followed our ideas etc.

  2. Hey, The balloon sculpture concept is so fascinating! Woow! i love this and would definitely teach my kids. Making your own valentine sculpture actually imbeds personal energy and love into the sculpture and thus makes it real and personal for loved ones. It is an unforgettable gift with a deep impression, especially when presented as a surprise gift. Thanks for putting this comprehensive guide together. Please can you share some ballon sculpture ideas for kids birthday parties? Looking forward to more beautiful concepts from you. Kind Regards.

    • Hi, Thank you for your kind comments.

      With Mother’s Day just 2 weeks away here in the UK and Easter closely following, we are concentrating on those occasions at the moment. We are particularly looking forward to Easter because we have some great Bunny sculptures to show everyone that are a wonderful alternative to the standard chocolate egg.

      But we will be sure to make time to produce some sculpture’s for kids birthday parties and keep you posted. Let us know whether you want Girl’s or Boy’s based ideas and we’ll put your request first inline.


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