Valentines Balloon Bouquets – Make your Own

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Make your own Valentines Balloon Bouquets in six easy steps, Whether it be a gift for a partner or a small inexpensive business investment to sell on to your friends or family. Let’s make Valentines Day that little bit different this year.

Valentines Balloon Bouquets are one of the best personalised Valentines Day gifts that can be given to that special someone. Bored with giving the same bunch of flowers or box of chocolates year after year, then here is a real unique alternative.

This really is an easy to do bouquet. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions, take your time and you will create a beautiful gift for your Valentine.


Here’s What You’ll Need

  • 3 or 5 18″ red foil heart balloon,
  • Approximately 12m (6m for 3-tier bouquets) of white curling ribbon (5mm wide),
  • Approximately 12m (6m for 3-tier bouquets) of red curling ribbon (5mm wide),
  • helium (hire or buy),
  • red balloon weight,
  • scissors

(Please feel free to click on our links, which lead you to our recommended suppliers, where you can order the materials required).


Step 1 – Selecting Your Balloons

Whilst even numbers create symmetry, odd numbers create interest. An odd number of details is more effective at capturing your gaze. Odd numbers force your eyes to move around the grouping and that forced movement is the heart of visual interest. Hence, all professional balloon decorators and florists will use odd numbers in their bouquets. The only real exception to this is traditional valentines ‘one dozen red roses’.

Determine whether you want 3 or 5 foil balloons in your bouquet, any more is likely to be too much and a distraction.

Specifically for Valentines Day, we have gone with a striking red foil heart shape balloons, but pink balloons would be ideal alternatives.


Step 2 – Preparing The Ribbon

You can use any colours you like for the ribbon, but we believe that the pale pink  or red and white are an ideal compliment to your striking red foil heart balloons.

Take 230cm (180cm for 3-tier bouquets) length of the red colour ribbon. Measure 180cm (130cm for 3-tier bouquets) and at that point fold it back over on itself, leaving the remaining 50cm for curling after attaching to the balloons. Now repeat the process with the white colour ribbon.

Measuring Curling Ribbon


Depending on whether you have selected a 3 or 5 tier balloon bouquet, repeat the above step the required number of times, resulting in 1 red and 1 white ribbon per balloon.


Step 3 – Inflating the Foil Balloons

Excellent so far, your now ready to start blowing up your foil heart balloons with helium.

Gently insert the nozzle of your ‘filling station valve’ into the opening of the balloon valve. As you do this, take care not to use too much force in case you tear the foil.

inflating helium balloonsHolding with your thumb and index finger, begin inflating the balloon. The type of valve we are using here is commonly called a ‘Quick Fill Station’. It works simply by applying downward pressure to the black flexible section. If you’ve never used one of these before, press it down very gently so that you get a slow, controlled release of the gas.

Take care not to inhale the gas yourself, whilst it may give you a squeaky funny voice, it is certainly not recommended for your health and can be quite dangerous.

Continue to blow up the balloon until it is nice and firm. Take care not to over inflate.

Blow up the remainder of your balloons in exactly the same way.


Step 4 – Attaching the Ribbon to the Foil Balloons

Tying ribbon to balloons

OK it’s now time for the fiddly bit.

Take one of each colour of your prepared ribbons and hold them equally at about the 50cm mark.



Rolling Balloon tailsCarefully roll the ribbons it into the tail of the foil heart balloon, on the side of the self-sealing filling valve and tie them off so that the tail is tucked away. Now repeat the same step for your other sets of coloured ribbons.

Do this for each of your balloons. Your Valentines Bouquet is starting to come together.


Step 5 – Attaching the Ribbon to the Balloon Weight

Staggering balloon bouquets evenlyMore fiddly bits I’m afraid.

Hold all the balloons together lining them up equal lengths from the balloon weight. Determine the ideal height (from the weight) of the neck of the top balloon. This will be approximately 180cm for a 5-tier bouquet and 130cm for a 3-tier bouquet.




Attaching Balloon Weights with ribbonStagger the rest of the balloons down so that they are evenly spread with the neck of the bottom balloon being 60cm from the weight. For a 5-tier sculpture the distances of the balloon neck from the weight will be 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm, whilst for a 3-tier sculpture the distances will be 60cm, 95cm and 130cm.

Tie each of the balloon ribbons from each balloon to your balloon base at the relevant distance.

The more even you make the gaps between each of balloons, the better the end Valentines bouquet will look.


Step 6 – Finish it off with a Bit of Flair

Ribbon Curling with scissorsAlmost there now. Just some nice finishing off to do and you will have your wonderful bouquet ready as a gift or to sell-on.

We need to tidy up the curling ribbon on the weight, so take your scissors and trim the excess, leaving approximately 15cm from the knot to curl.


Ribbon Curling on balloon weightsNext, curl the loose ends of the ribbons at the balloons and the weights. To do this you take an open pair of scissors. Starting at the knotted end, place the ribbon between your thumb and the blade edge and then pull the scissors down the entire length of the ribbon. Try not to grip too tightly as you’ll make the curls too tight.


And That’s It .. You’re Done

3 tier Heart Balloon Bouquet

That’s it!

Congratulations on making your own unique Valentines gift.

If you’d like to try an alternative idea for Valentines Day, feel free to have a go at our Valentines Balloon Man Sculpture.

A beautiful balloon bouquet that will compliment or even replace those traditional flowers or chocolates.

Good luck! Please don’t hesitate to bookmark our site and return to us for some more great ideas here at Potters Party Balloons.

8 thoughts on “Valentines Balloon Bouquets – Make your Own”

  1. Cute! My kids would love to wake up to these on Valentine’s morning! And it seems simple enough that I could replicate it, lol! 

    Since I just missed Valentine’s Day, was wondering if you’ve seen any cute balloons that would work for St. Patty’s Day? Or maybe Easter? 

    Thanks for the idea! 

    • Ouch – I can’t believe we forgot St Patrick’s Day.   We will get working on that straight away.

      As for Easter, we have some great Easter Bunny based ideas that we will be posting in the next two weeks. Shirley (my partner) has already made 1 wonderful Bunny Balloon Sculpture which will be superb gift either on it’s own or to compliment the standard Easter eggs. Shhhh it’s a secret but one of our ideas is to have a  beautifully presented chick and egg inside a balloon.

  2. I think this would be a great way to save money every year and something you could incorporate for other holidays as well.  Seems the process would be the same, just use other types of balloons.  What I would recommend is buying some flowers or a nice plant and incorporating it with these self made balloons!  My one question though is where are we supposed to get the helium?  

    • Thanks for your comments..

      You have a few alternatives for helium.

      – If you only have 1 or 2 balloons to inflate then you can take them to your local gift or card shop.

      – Amazon and other online companies sell disposable helium canisters which have enough helium to inflate 30 or 50 balloons. There is a link on the post.

      – or if you intend to do this regularly then you will usually be able to find a reasonably local party / gifts warehouse which will hire helium canisters

  3. What a really fun and practical site With some great ideas. i wonder do you intend to keep posting ideas about all seasons and occasions?  I always struggle for instance at Halloween, do you have any really cool ‘how to’ designs with balloons for big Halloween parties that you could post on here please?

    • Halloween is quite away yet, but I guarantee we will get round to some ideas nearer the time.

      In the meantime we have recently posted some lovely ideas for Mothers Day (which is just 2 weeks away here in the UK) and we will very shortly be posting some fun ideas for bunny based Easter balloons to replace or compliment the age-old Easter egg.

  4. This is a well splendid article and it has also taught me how to make valentine balloons for my kids. I really don’t have interest in making balloons but my kids forces me doing so. I make other balloons for my kids but i really don’t know how to form a Valentine Ballon Bouquets. I’m still trying to get one done now and I’m learning from your post. Thanks for sharing anyways 


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