Printed New Baby Foil Balloon – DIY Package


A DIY package consisting of your choice of a printed new baby foil balloon with matching balloon weight and decorative ribbon, supplied with instructions.




A choice of new baby foil balloon in a DIY package.

Consisting of :

  • 1 X 18″ printed foil balloon of your choice ready to be inflated with helium.
  • Matching coloured balloon weight
  • 3m Matching coloured decorative ribbon

The choices of foil balloon are :-

  • Baby Boy Animals (Square)
  • Baby Boy Dots (Round)
  • Baby Boy Stork (Round)
  • Baby Boy Teddy Bear (Round)
  • Baby Boy Heart-Shaped
  • Baby Boy Star-Shaped
  • Baby Girl Animals (Square)
  • Baby Girl Dots (Round)
  • Baby Girl Stork (Round)
  • Baby Girl Teddy Bear (Round)
  • Baby Girl Heart-Shaped
  • Baby Girl Star-Shaped

Supplied with a Potters Party Balloons instruction sheet.

Additional information

18" Foil

Baby Boy Animals, Baby Boy Dots, Baby Boy Heart-Shaped, Baby Boy Star-Shaped, Baby Boy Stork, Baby Boy Teddy Bear, Baby Girl Animals, Baby Girl Dots, Baby Girl Heart Shaped, Baby Girl Star Shaped, Baby Girl Stork, Baby Girl Teddy Bear


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