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All work and no play, makes Lawrence and Shirley very dull. So whilst ideally browsing the net the other day we came across this funny video prank and thought hey ho, why not mix work and play together highlight some pranks with balloons

Actually, with the intention of giving you a laugh, we have created an area in our website that is specifically about use of balloons just for fun, rather than decorating. We’ll add more posts into this area as we go along. It will give both us and you some light relief from the very serious business that is balloon decorating!

Of course, I am joking with my tongue-in-cheek. Balloon decorating is fun and not serious at all and we love doing it. We literally are in the one of most fun and entertaining businesses in the world. Balloons make us smile on all occasions.

So what’s this post about? Well firstly we are going to show you the video and then we are going to walk you through how to prank with a balloon. Specifically how to do this prank, safely!


Video Prank

Firstly, lets make it clear! This is not our video. The video is from Jay Karl’s Hidden Camera & Practical Jokes YouTube channel. This video alone has had 300k views. Some of his videos on that channel have had over 50m (yes million) views. This guy and his wife have made a business out of these prank videos and when you view his channel, you will see why.

Hope you enjoyed it! Once you’ve stopped laughing, please read on and see how you can do this prank yourself, safely.


Safety First

We don’t mean to be boring, but any prank has it’s risks. So please be wary of the risks when you are playing a prank. We are never quite sure exactly how the person who is being pranked is going to respond and whilst this often adds to the enjoyment factor, it also occasionally leads to accidents etc.
Balloon Prank Accident

The first obvious safety concern about this video is the glue. Please do not get your super-glue out and think it will be OK to glue a safety pin to your loved-ones head. It’s possible you will end up with a night in your local A&E department rather than night laughing. Use a glue that is suitable for skin!

The most dangerous safety risk is actually the environment that your intended victim is in. Is there a glass of water sitting next to him or her? As I say, we are never sure exactly how the person is going to react so please remove any items that could cause damage by swinging arms or legs etc before executing your prank.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff. How to do this balloon prank!


What You’ll Need

Sorry! Being practical, thought we’d tell you exactly what you need to execute the prank.

  • One Balloon
  • Whipped Cream
  • Spirit Gum
  • Two Drawing pins
  • String
  • Sellotape or Blue-tack
  • Airhorn

That’s all you’ll need. But you might want to change your list depending upon what you have in your cupboard or how extreme you want to go.

Yes! A standard latex balloon will do, but if you want to go a little extreme then consider either a stuffing balloon or a 3ft latex balloon.

If you don’t have whipped cream, then maybe consider shaving cream or some other light soft alternative that will cause a mess. Also think about paper shredding, confetti or some other light substance to add a bit more of variation to your prank.

As an Airhorn replacement, not everyone of us have them handy in our cupboards, then consider a saucepan and spoon or something else that is going to make a loud noise.


Preparation is the Key

Be subtle, be quiet and be patient, but be quick. Your preparation is the key to your success. Many pranks are spoilt by a loud giggle or a rush to execute. So take your time whilst you are planning and make sure you are calm but ensure you are fast and efficient when ever you are near your victim.

Sleep PrankFill the Balloon

  • Load your balloon with the confetti or paper shredding or other dry ingredients first.
  • Spray your whipping cream into the balloon. Note: In the video Jay’s wife sprays the cream inside an inflated balloon. In truth you can do either way, but we just thinks it’s easier to do it before inflating.
  • Inflate the balloon with a pump or manually.
  • Tie off the balloon attaching one end of the string inside the knot as you go.
  • Be patient and let the whipping cream drop to the bottom of the balloon.

Pin the Head

  • Wait until your victim is fully asleep and in a position that is suitable for the prank to work
  • Put two small dots of spirit gum on the forehead approximately 8-10cm apart.
  • Place the two drawing pins onto the dots of spirit gum.

Attach the Balloon

  • Roughly measure the distance between the forehead and the ceiling and ensure you have enough string.
  • Attach the sellotape or blue tack to the string, leaving an overhang sufficient to stick to the ceiling.
  • Climb on the bed (or a chair nearby), very carefully
  • Attach the end of the string with the blue-tack or sellotape on to the ceiling.
  • Walk away into another room and have your last self-giggle to prevent waking up the victim

Finally set-up your camera. Don’t assume you’ll be able to video it in your hands. You’ll either be laughing too much or running!


Execute and Run

Set the camera to record and get ready!

Remember that we are never sure exactly how the victim is going to react, so be prepared to run. Lock yourself in the bathroom if you need to let the victim calm down. Even the most loving person can react very negatively when woken up out of a deep sleep. You’ve got the camera set-up and recording so you can laugh and see the consequences later.

Take the airhorn in your hand, walk slowly to your victim and let rip!

Run! Preferably out of camera shot. Let the camera record the victim, not you running or tripping to get out of the way!


Smile and Laugh!

It’s a prank! It’s a joke! No matter how the victim responds, take time to let it settle down and then have a laugh and smile about it together. Variety is the spice of life and if we can all inject a bit of fun into each other’s lives then we will be winning.

Play the video coverage back to each other and ensure you are both happy then share with the world and with us at Potters Party Balloons.

If it all goes wrong, please don’t cite us in the divorce proceedings! Only you know whether your victim can take a prank or not!

Be aware, currently we are using Jay Karl’s video for this prank, but soon, hopefully very soon we will be using our very own video. Lawrence intends to play the prank on Shirley (I’ll give you one guess who’s writing this article!).

Come back to us at Potters Party Balloons for some more great tips, advice and laughs. Please take this opportunity to bookmark our site and feel free to comment below.


12 thoughts on “Pranks with Balloons – Funny Video Prank”

  1. I envy the couple in the video. I’m single, 40 years old, and you’re right, I’m “all work and no play”. The couple in the video prank is so sweet, I wish someday, maybe sooner or maybe later, I’ll have a life like that with a fine sweet lady just like that in the video. And this is cool, this blog post just gave me an idea on how to have a cool party with friends and with a balloon like that.

    Where can we find some more videos featuring similar stuff? I mean, videos that are similar to these ideas you just shared here. Can you recommend a Youtube channel?

    • Jay Karls YouTube channel is certainly worth a look. His wife also has her own separate channel.

      I’m glad we have inspired your next party.

      Good luck with finding love!

  2. I agree with you. Safety first always… the prank seems to be fake (Immediately after anything gets to your face you take your hands to it… that would result in an injury due to the fixed pin). 

    Avoiding the usage of any knives or sharped objects is a good idea. I love balloons full of water (few things are as harmless as water / at least the victim is over a slippery surface). Knowing the character of your victim is very important. What would Jhon do? – Run after me or just stay quiet until figuring out he has gotten pranked. Knowing this will help you to create a safe prank for everyone. 

    • I did wonder whether it was fake… I continue to play pranks on my partner . It is part of our normal life. Standard things like the pillow on top of the door or hiding things around the house when she is due to clean.

  3. That is a very risky prank to carry on your partner I must say. I mean it might just go wrong especially when trying to put the glue on the forehead and then it spills to the eyes (that would be a complete turn off). But then one funny aspect  about pranks is that you get to realize how stupid you were after the whole thing.

  4. LOL If I was that guy, I probably would get so mad at her. It’s still funny tho haha. Thanks for providing a positive content at this hard moment!

    • Life is about fun and positive moments. We can not allow allow this negativity to get on top us.

      Let’s party when we can, even in isolation or lockdown. Let’s make people smile, prefereably with balloons!

  5. I really love the video i would ry my best to recreate it and use it on a loved one….i like ballons as it one thing that is not chracterised by age as anyone could use them wheather on a occassion or any other funtion…..thanks for sharing this awsome article i never knew one could use balloons for pranking purpose.

    • Glad you liked it   Please share back to us whether you are successful in recreating the prank.

      Stay tuned for more fun things that we will post with party balloons.


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