5 Best Heat Sealers for Balloons

5 Best Heat Sealers

In conjunction with our article on how to seal foil balloons, Potters Party balloons have provided this review on the 5 best heat sealers for balloons. In truth, we at Potters Party Balloons only really recommend one product for sealing small foil balloons, but it would unfair for us only to give you one choice … Read more

How to Heat Seal Foil Balloons

Impulse Mylar Heat Sealer

As part of our series of articles discussing the options available to you for the tools you will need in creating some of our ideas, here at Potters Party Balloons, we thought we would discuss how to heat seal foil balloons. Whilst large foil balloons intended for inflating with helium have a self-sealing valve, smaller … Read more

Pranks with Balloons – Funny Video Prank

Balloon Prank

All work and no play, makes Lawrence and Shirley very dull. So whilst ideally browsing the net the other day we came across this funny video prank and thought hey ho, why not mix work and play together highlight some pranks with balloons Actually, with the intention of giving you a laugh, we have created … Read more

How Do you Make a Face Mask

Face Mask Header

What the heck has Coronavirus or Covid-19 got to do with party balloons! Absolutely nothing or at least that’s what we thought until yesterday! We were informed you can make a face mask using the standard materials we use in balloon decorating. Wow! So we are going to dedicate a few hours to writing a … Read more

Different Type of Balloons for Decorating

Different Balloon Types

This is the first of a series of articles, intended to introduce you to the options available for the materials you will need in creating some of our party balloon ideas. The first material we will discuss is the most obvious, the balloon! There are basically 8 different Type of balloons for decorating purposes. Here … Read more

Qualatex Balloon Sizer Review

Qualatex Balloon Sizer

As part of a series of articles discussing the options available to you for the tools you will need in creating some of your party balloon ideas, we would like to carry out a Qualatex Balloon Sizer Review, to give you all the pros and cons of the most widely available balloon sizer on the … Read more

A Simple Easter Bunny Balloon Idea

Easter Bunny Balloon Sweet Treats

We’ve done it again or at least we think we have! We believe we have come up with another great simple and unique idea that you can make yourself to replace those traditional gifts that everybody buys. This time it’s for Easter. We hope you will find this simple Easter Bunny Balloon Idea as exciting … Read more

Mother’s Day Balloon Bouquet – DIY

Mothers Day Bouquet Header

Create your own Mother’s Day Balloon Bouquet by following this simple step-by-step guide. Why not express yourself and your feelings to your mom by giving her something different this year, created using your very own hands. A Mother’s Day Balloon Bouquet can be a unique personalised gift that is a real alternative to the standard bouquet … Read more

5 Simple Mother Day Balloon Ideas

Mothers Day Ideas

Just like any other occasion of the year, we are often stuck for ideas on what to get our mothers, on that one day of the year that is especially dedicated for them. So here is 5 simple Mother Day Balloon ideas that may just be perfect. If you are bored with giving mom flowers … Read more