Is a Mothers Day Party a Great Idea?

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Mother’s Day is a celebration of mothers around the world. When we think of celebration, we automatically think of a party and therefore it only makes sense to have a Mothers Day Party.

Or to put it grammatically correct, a Mother’s Day Party.

Mothers Day Party BalloonOf course here at Potters Party Balloons, we are all about Balloons, and when you think of a balloon then you automatically think of a party and therefore it also only makes sense that a Mothers Day Party should have balloons.

So let’s stop with the standard practices of giving flowers or chocolates or letting mom have a lie-in, and really go all out this year and arrange a Mothers Day Party with Balloons.

Let’s get into the crunch of why you are reading this article and explain Why a Party is a great idea for Mother’s Day.

History of the Mother’s Day Celebration

Here in the UK, Mothering Sunday is a holiday traditionally, from the 1600s, celebrated by Christians on the fourth Sunday in Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday.

Originally set aside as a day on which people would visit their “mother” church, mothers day quite quickly became a day when domestic servants, including children, were given a day off to visit their mother church, usually with their own mothers and other family members. It was often the only time that entire families could gather together, due to conflicting working hours throughout the rest of year.

Mothers Day Party Picking Flowers

The children often picked wildflowers along the way either to place in the church or to give to their mothers. Mothering Sunday, or Mother’s Day has many people know it today, slowly become an occasion for honouring the mothers of the children and eventually, the religious tradition evolved into the tradition of giving gifts to mothers.

In America, the history of Mother’s Day is very different. By the mid 1800s, the 17th century version of Mother’s Day had all but died out. In the 1860s, Ann Jarvis organised a Mother’s Friendship Day to reunite families that had been divided during the Civil War and in the 1870s Julia Ward Howe started a Mother’s Peace Day celebration which had an anti-war agenda.

In the early 1900s, Anna Jarvis (daughter of Ann) established the current American version of Mother’s Day following the death of her mother. Jarvis campaigned for Mother’s Day first as a U.S. national holiday and then later as an international holiday. She didn’t refer to any other versions of the Mother’s day and actually claimed that the creation of Mother’s Day was hers alone. Her campaign was successful and on May 8, 1914, the U.S. Congress passed a law designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day, a day for American citizens to show the flag in honour of those mothers whose sons had died in war. The day was taken up by many international countries and slowly became a day to celebrate all mothers.

Whilst, the American date of Mother’s Day is the most commonly celebrated across the world, there are quite a few countries that do have their own date for Mother’s Day for specific reasons. For example Ethiopia celebrates at the same time as the American date but with a massive feast lasting 3 days as a celebration of the end of rainy season and Thailand combines Mother’s Day with the Queen’s birthday on the 12th of August as the Queen is regarded as being the mother of all Thai people.

Wherever you are in the world in today, the common theme is that Mothers Day is a celebration to honour and treat our mothers and hence it’s party time.

Who is Mother’s Day Really for?

The obvious answer is Mother’s Day is for mothers. It’s their chance to have a day-off. Their chance to be appreciated and their chance to really enjoy life without the normal pressures and binds of day-to-day activities etc.

Mothers Day Party Generations

But Mother’s Day is not only for biological mothers. There are many other people in our life that can be considered as mothers. Step-mothers, foster mothers, grandmothers and sometimes aunts etc have often raised us as mothers and therefore should be celebrated and appreciated on Mothers Day as well.

Mother’s Day however should not only be for mothers. The whole family, small or large, should have the opportunity to celebrate their mothers and honour their achievements etc. Husbands, wives and partners will want to share the day and offer their own appreciation, whilst children, grandchildren and even nieces/nephews etc will want to honour and celebrate their mothers.

Party Options?

Mothers Day Party

Why not have a full on party for Mother’s day. Let’s go all out and really celebrate our mother’s achievements and all that she has done for us. Bring together all the mothers of the family and celebrate on a large scale with a balloon laden room and dancing to music ranging from the 1950s through till the 1990s. They key to such a party is to ensure that whether it is a surprise or not, that mother has absolutely no work to do in arranging the event. All the effort, whether it be booking the place, arranging the food and music, or blowing up the balloons should be done by the children or partners.

A slightly quieter alternative would be a meal out. Whether it be a Sunday lunch on the day for a few close members or a large scale curry night out on the night before with everyone involved, the meal out with a party atmosphere is a great alternative. No cooking, no mess and time together with the family will surely go down well. Once more, they key is that all preparations etc should be done by the family members, and mother should only need to turn up, sit down with a wonderful balloon bouquet in front of her and of course not be expected to pay the bill.

Take a day out and treat your mother to something away from home. Spas, afternoon teas, vineyard tours, cooking or chocolate making workshops or even a trip to local thrilling theme park are all acceptable options depending upon your mothers taste. Start the day out with a card and balloon and make it clear that this is her party to be spoilt and celebrated by her loved ones and she is expected to do nothing but enjoy the day.

If your mother and family really are home-birds or the budget is tight, then staying at home partying is a real option. The priority is to make the day special for your mother. Throughout, she shouldn’t be cooking, cleaning, or doing anything that isn’t putting a smile on her face and being made to feel appreciated. Invite the family around (big or small), by all means allow the lie-in and get the partner or children to cook the lunch, but ensure you add the finishing touches that make it a special day. Decorate the room with balloons, flowers and banners, get her favourite wine to go with lunch or ensure there’s a touch of gin available to make her giggly, play some party games like charades and most importantly ensure that mother is not left to do any of the cleaning up.


When to Party?

Mothers Day Party 2020

Of course, on the day itself is the most obvious option, but this really does depend upon your mother’s lifestyle etc. If she’s busy throughout the week then the ideal Mothers Day may be a quiet one where she is doing absolutely nothing, but if she has a reasonable quiet week, then maybe a full-on party on the day will really be something ideal, especially if it is a surprise.

If it’s a large scale occasion that you want to organise, then people’s availability might be an issue, so the night before may be a better alternative. It might be easier to book the restaurant or the party venue and the fact it isn’t on the day itself can be used as an ideal opportunity to spring the surprise and really show her that she is appreciated every day of the year. The night before is also great chance to make it a whole family occasion. Grandmothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews can all celebrate together and honour and appreciate all the mothers in the room, leaving the actual day to be much quieter, just for the close family.

If it’s a day-out you’re organising, then sometime in the week before is great. Obviously you’ll have to make sure everyone, including your mother, is available but again you keep the details a surprise and leave the actual Mothering Sunday for something more traditional. The key is to make sure the day-out is really a day for mother and you put a smile on her face from start to finish.


It’s Party Time!

So it’s time to party and really show your mother that you appreciate everything she has done and does for you. Hopefully we at Potters Party Balloons have proved that a Mothers Day party really is great idea!

Mothers Day Party Balloon BouquetOrganise the party for when it’s ideal, invite the people that your mother would love to spend time with, get the balloons up, and make sure the food is a selection of her favourites.

Most importantly, have fun and make sure your mother is too. Don’t forget to buy her a wonderful gift and put the smile on her face,  giving her a day to remember at least until next year’s shindig.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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6 thoughts on “Is a Mothers Day Party a Great Idea?”

  1. Well I now know more about Mothers Day. Very informative article. I just don’t feel like its fair for Anna Jarvis to take full credit for creating this holiday, seeing that it was already a holiday prior to, granted, a little bit different.

    • Thanks for comments.

      Tend to agree with you about Anna Jarvis. Whilst researching, I certainly got the impression that she was very opinionated and self-important but I guess it these traits alongside her determination that got the date on the international calendar.

      She was also very anti-commercialism and promoted sending mother a hand-written letter rather than buying a pre-printed card, which to be fair is a very simple way of personalising Mother’s Day and a good idea if you are on a tight budget! (my son loved the idea!)

  2. “…invite the people that your mother would love to spend time with…”. Challenge! Mum likes her own company and a book. Balloons aren’t a bad idea though.

    • Hi Joel,

      Your right of course. Each and every one to their own.

      The key is here , You know what your mother wants and likes and you can think outside of the box of the norm of a bunch of flowers etc.

      Hence you can show her that you appreciate her and have put some thought behind Mother’s Day. Obviously a party might not be answer in this case, so buy her a new book that she will love to read and attach a balloon !!!


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