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Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to read about us here at the Potters Party Balloons website. Potters Party Balloons was the first of the websites for the Potters Independent Traders Company, owned and managed by Shirley and Lawrence.

Balloon Decorating has been a passion of Shirley’s for over 20 years. Her initial company ‘Dream Balloons’ has been trading from the beginning and as now been re-branded as part of our expansion and set-up of the Potters Independent Traders Company.

Shirley is a skilled Balloon Decorator with recognised qualifications in balloon sculpting and designing balloon set-pieces for occasions such as Weddings etc.

Potters Party Balloons gives Shirley the chance to share her skills, experience and ideas with you.

Balloons Make Us Smile

Every joyful occasion is simply made that little more special by the presence of balloons. Whether it be a Wedding, Engagement, Birthday or Anniversary the sight of balloons signifies it is party time.

Potters Party Balloons About USShirley’s many years of experience in designing balloon decorations for all occasions, colour schemes and themes has been a thrill for herself, enjoying the process through from design, creation and delivery to the many customers over this time.

From her large first wedding venue decoration to a simply beautiful valentine balloon bouquet, the customers smile has always been the ultimate reward.

Creations For You

Potters Party Balloons gives Shirley the opportunity to share her own ideas, designs and creations directly to you.

But the site will not be limited to only Shirley’s views, we will take the opportunity to share classic designs, market leading ideas and new innovations with the hope of inspiring you for your next occasion.

We will also highlight balloon and party products or services that can enhance your occasion and deliver the smile on the face of your party goers.

The Ultimate Choice

From traditional to unique themed weddings, from the latest children’s cartoon birthdays to adults celebrity themed anniversaries, we want to aid and inspire you with the ultimate range of balloon based ideas, creations and designs to make your party a success.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

All the best,

Shirley and Lawrence

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi that’s a fun job you have. What a great way to be creative while connecting with others. A smile brings a heart ❤️ to fullness and warmth. I love your About Me page. Keep up the great work. 🥰

    1. Hi Lili,

      Thanks for your kind words. Bringing a smile to people is what we are all about at Potters Party Balloons.

      I also notice, you contacted us about your environment concerns regarding balloons.I will of course respond to your message, but thought I’d also address the issue here briefly.

      There are bio-degradable latex balloons available, but they are not great. They still take too long to decompose. I think the key method of staying ecofriendly is ensuring we dispose of the balloons correctly. Foil balloons are for example recyclable alongside some plastics. We will endeavour to make some posts regarding balloons in the environment in the near future.

      Potters Party Balloons are all about making people smile at parties etc. We will not endorse or promote releasing balloons into the environment. Let’s keep our animals safe!

  2. I can see how happy this job makes you. Your page sends major vibes of fun and good times. The foundation for any party or event. I always thought balloon sculptors were so talented for doing what they do in a way that the balloons don’t pop. Awesome site great work keep at it!

    1. Hi Sabrina,

      You certainly are right about the job making us happy. There is nothing like the smile on a customer’s face when we have just delivered a balloon bouquet or decorated a wedding venue. It’s easy really because balloons just bring out that smile.

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