A Simple Easter Bunny Balloon Idea

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We’ve done it again or at least we think we have! We believe we have come up with another great simple and unique idea that you can make yourself to replace those traditional gifts that everybody buys. This time it’s for Easter. We hope you will find this simple Easter Bunny Balloon Idea as exciting as we do.

Easter Blue Bunny Balloon Sweet TreatsThis unique personalised gift is a real alternative to the Easter egg that everybody gets and you can customise it with whatever you like to make it that perfect gift for a loved-one.

Here at Potter’s Party Balloons, we have posted some step-by-step guides to making Balloon Bouquets or Balloon Sculptures, that we have stated are quite simple to make. But this Easter Bunny Balloon idea has got to be the easiest of them all and it’s a unique great replacement to the traditional Easter Egg. What more do you want?

A very simple gift to make in 4 easy steps, please have fun creating this great Easter Bunny Balloon Sweet Treat.



Shopping List

  • 1 14″ Foil Bunny Head Balloon.
  • 1 5″ latex balloon
  • 1 260q modelling balloon.
  • 1 pull-bow.
  • Glu-dots
  • Cotton wool ball
  • 1 12oz smoothie cup with dome lid.
  • 2 or 3 mini (25g) chocolate bars
  • Mini chocolate eggs.
  • Mini Heat Sealer
  • Air Pump
  • Scissors


Fill the Smoothie Cup

Easter Bunny Balloon Sweet Treats CupLet’s begin! Remove the lid from your smoothie cup and add the chocolate bars, so that they are standing up. Now add the mini-chocolate eggs to fill the cup almost to the rim.

Told you it was really simple!

Of course, you can be as inventive as you want when selecting the treats to add to your smoothie cup. This means the gift can be really unique. You can choose your loved-one’s favourites or adapt it specifically for their diet etc. Gluten Free chocolate, fruit selections or wine-gums etc are all ideal fillings.



Blow Up Your Bunny Head and Neck

OK! now it’s time to start inflating your balloons.

Use your pump to inflate the bunny foil balloon. Take your time and be gentle so as not to tear the foil. Use your mini-heat sealer to seal the valve. If you don’t have a mini-heat sealer then take the balloon to your local card or gift shop and they should be able to inflate it for you.

Use your pump to inflate the 5″ balloon, place it inside the lid and allow it to deflate to the point that it fits snugly and then tie-it off.

Finally, use your pump again to inflate the 260q modelling balloon so it is around 6″ in length and tie-it off.


Attaching the Bunny Neck

Easter Bunny Balloon Sweet Treats KnotNow to put your Easter Bunny together!

Place the 5in balloon in the smoothie cup lid, pulling the neck of the balloon through the hole in the top of the lid.

Tie the tail of the foil bunny balloon together with the neck of the 5in latex balloon and then wrap the 260q modelling balloon around the knot of the other balloons and tie the ends of the modelling balloon together so that it sits comfortably. Make sure the final knot of the modelling balloon sits at the back of the bunny balloons head.


Giving Bunny a Bow Tie and a Tail.

The last simple steps!

Glu-dot the pull-bow onto the front of the 260q modelling balloon and finally glu-dot a cotton wool ball onto the knot at the back of the head.


Boing… Boing….

Easter Pink Bunny Balloon Sweet TreatsHopefully, your bunny hasn’t hopped off the table and you’ve followed the steps above.

Great, you now have a unique self-made Easter Bunny Balloon Sweet Treat.

A superb gift that can replace those traditional Easter Eggs. Your kids or other loved-ones will certainly be pleasantly surprised.

Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your sweet treats, Please bookmark our site and return to us for more unique ideas here at Potters Party Balloons.

20 thoughts on “A Simple Easter Bunny Balloon Idea”

  1. It is just the right time to make a little difference in these times when we are sucked into the home. Easter balloons are always welcome. We have holidays, I think, everybody loves it. The article gave me ideas to cheer up my brother. My question is how to make a balloon tie =)?

    • Thank you for comments and question. I am glad we have given you ideas.

      There are many different ways to tie a balloon, depending upon what you need to achieve.

      In this example, the only know you need to tie is a standard overhand knot that you use when initially doing your show laces. We will and have already covered other ways  to tie balloons as they are needed in each design that we post. We will try to do a separate post in the near future to cover all balloon knot methods.

  2. Hello Lawrence, I found your idea of the Easter Bunny balloon lovely and beautiful. I show the bunny image to my daughter (she is 26 months), and she was excited. I will try this gift by myself, and at the same time, I’m going to have some fun time with my daughter preparing it. I hope to do as beautiful as you. Thank you for the great idea that brings through your articles.


    • Hi, Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad we have inspired you. Have some fun with your daughter. Have a wonderful Easter.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing such a great article among us. I really enjoyed this post. Here you have discussed in detail about the Easter Bunny Balloon. Currently, the use of the Easter Bunny Balloon is increasing day by day. Now parents are choosing Balloon to entertain their children. In my opinion, the Easter Bunny Balloon is better than any other option. I used it myself. Children can easily operate the Easter Bunny Balloon. I’m so impressed. I think this article is useful for everyone. I want everyone in the world to know about this.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about the Easter Bunny Balloon. Thanks.

  4. This is a fantastic idea that everyone will like. The gift is easy to make and will be delightful for children who receive it. Thanks for the simple instructions to make.

  5. Great idea Lawrence!
    I really find it creative and original. During this time we have plenty of time, and this would definitely be a good activity to do with our kids. Both of my daughters love balloons and chocolate eggs (probably like every kid). I believe building one of these bunny balloons is also cheaper than buying those expensive Easter eggs.
    Thanks, I wish you the best,

    • Hi Andy.

      Glad you liked our idea. I’m not too sure about the price comparison to be honest, I suppose it depends on how many you are going to make. The reason I say this, is that you will probably have to buy the cups in packs of 10 etc.

  6. Dear Lawrence
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards creating dream-like Easter. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  7. This is a great idea! I have two young girls, and I think they’d love seeing these guys around the house. Doesn’t seem too complicated either. Your ingenuity is fantastic. Very creative, but simple too. I’ll be trying something like this if possible!

    Thank you for the walk-through and shopping list!


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