7 Great Valentine Balloon Ideas

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If you’re stuck for a valentine gift for that someone special or bored with giving the same old flowers, chocolates, perfumes or aftershave then here are some great Valentine Balloon Ideas to fit your budget.

Whenever we think of balloons, we automatically think of parties and smiling faces, so why not take one of these Valentine Balloon Ideas and put a smile on your partner’s face.

Here at Potters Party Balloons, we have tried to give an idea to fit everyone’s budget, Take a look at these seven great ideas and we are sure you’ll either find one that you like or that will at least inspire you. These ideas could be used as that special unique gift, or simply to complement the other presents you’ve already purchased.


Balloon on a Stick – That say’s it allValentines Balloon on a Stick

Our first idea, is the simple yet effective ‘I Love You’ Balloon.

Idea– ‘I Love you’ Balloon on a Stick


Price – Low. Only £2.49

Delivery – High (in comparison to the product) from £3.95

Potters Party Balloons Summary – Would be great to complement a bunch of flowers etc.

The ‘I Love you’ balloon on a stick is 9 inches in diameter and comes pre-inflated. It is ideal to complement a flower bouquet or to attach to a box of chocolates. It is a pink balloon with pretty white lettering, that will hold it’s shape for weeks. The delivery cost from online suppliers reduces it’s value-for-money but your local card or party shop should have something similar.


Love Bites Balloons – May Offend

For only a little more, but definitely more unique you could consider the pack of 3 love bites balloons. Be warned, some customers may find the language used on these products offensive.

Valentines Novelty BalloonsIdea– ‘Love Bites Balloons’

SupplierFirebox via Amazon

Price – Low. Only £5,49 for a pack of 3

Delivery – Free with Amazon Prime

Potters Party Balloons Summary – A good novelty gift to complement something more special. Should only be sent to those partners who will not find the message/language offensive.

The Love Bites Balloons are 12 inches in diameter and do not come inflated, so get ready with a good set of lungs or a balloon air pump. They are ideal as a novelty gift to suit someone with the appropriate sense of humour. They are pink and white latex balloons with black lettering, described as abusive. Delivery with Amazon Prime is free, which makes them very good value-for-money.


Make Your Own Balloon Bouquet

If you’ve got the time and inclination, then why not consider making your own Balloon Bouquet. You can make it unique specially for your Valentine.

Idea–Make Your Own Balloon BouquetValentines Balloon Bouquet

Supplier – yourself with supplies from online stores or local party / card shops.

Price – Low.to Medium – Between £10 and £15

Delivery – Make it at home

Potters Party Balloons Summary – Ideal opportunity to make something unique and inexpensive for your loved one. Would be great to complement other small gifts.


We have a post here at Potters Party Balloons, specifically designed to help you out with a step-by-step guide in making your own Valentine Balloon Bouquet. If you have the tools and materials already then this is a really inexpensive opportunity to create a unique gift designed specifically for your loved one. You can almost guarantee that his/her friends will not have received something similar.

The 3 or 5 tier balloon bouquets we suggest uses red foil heart balloons inflated with helium. If you don’t have a helium tank at home then you can either hire one or get the balloons inflated at a local card shop for a reasonable cost. Click on this link to see how to Make Your Own Valentine Balloon Bouquet. This is an excellent value-for-money idea, if you have a small amount of time available.


Personalised Photo Balloon

Wow! There’s nothing more unique than giving a present with your own photo(s) on it.

Valentines Photo BalloonIdea– ‘Personalised Photo Balloons’


Price – Medium. £19.99 for a unique personalised item

Delivery – a reasonable £6.00

Potters Party Balloons Summary – A superb unique gift that can really personalise your Valentines Day. Ideal as a gift on it’s own or to compliment other gifts.

The personalised photo balloon gives you so many options to make the Valentine experience all the more special to you. With the ability to add 4 photos and a personal message, you can design the balloon to symbolise your fun times together, your romantic moments or be a trip down memory lane of your relationship. Additionally, you can choose the shape of the balloon and edit/style the photos you upload. Funkypigeon also have an upgrade option that allows you change from a single balloon to a bunch/bouquet.

Delivery is reasonable considering the balloons come pre-inflated. The overall reviews are very good in respect of the quality although it sometimes appears the service can be a let down, so beware and be sure to order in time. Generally appears to be good value-for-money for a very special unique gift.


Your Very Own Valentine Balloon Man

Another design your own idea, is to make your very own Balloon Man. If you want something amusing, unique and personalised and you have the time and a little artistic flair, this could be the option for you.

Idea–Make Your Own Balloon ManValentines Balloon Man

Supplier – yourself with supplies from online stores or local party / card shops.

Price – Medium – Between £15 and £25

Delivery – Make it at home

Potters Party Balloons Summary – Great opportunity to make something unique for your Valentine. Superb as a gift on it’s own or with a box of chocolates etc.


Again, we have a post here at Potters Party Balloons, specifically designed to help you out here. With a step-by-step guide, you can make your own Valentine Balloon Man. If you have the tools and materials already then this is a relatively inexpensive opportunity to create a unique present. You can personalise the gift by making the man look more you like your own special man or by adding extras etc.

The Balloon Man we suggest uses a red foil heart balloon as his head with a combination of red/clear and black balloons as the body, arms and legs. The balloons are air filled and are held together with ribbon, arch line and glu dots.

Depending on how complicated you make your own design of the man and how many extras you add, the cost can be relatively inexpensive but please give yourself a little time to learn and use the techniques required. Click on this link to see how to Make Your Own Valentine Man. This is a wonderful value-for-money idea, if you want to create something specifically designed for your man.


Balloon Prosecco Gift Set – with chocolates (yummy!!)

Want to combine the Balloon with other gifts such as Bubbly!, to make that all-in-one present, then consider the option of this great gift set.

Valentines Prosecco Balloon Gift SetIdea– ‘Balloon Prosecco Gift Set’


Price – Medium. £25 currently reduced from £28

Delivery – Great Value only £2.99

Potters Party Balloons Summary – Excellent value gift set. Get it delivered on the day and your sure to be on a winner.


This superb gift set arrives by post with a ‘I Love You’ printed 18″ helium balloon ready-inflated with a long ribbon and balloon weight.

Included in the gift set is a Valentines Day labelled bottle of Prosecco and some delicious Belgian Chocolates. What more do you want? Maybe a personalised Valentines Day Card, which are offered as an add-on with a great range available.

Whilst this particularly gift-set didn’t have any site reviews, the other similar products that they are offer, all have either 4 or 5 stars. The gift-set is great value-for-money for that all-in-one Valentines Balloon based present.


The Ultimate Balloon Gift Set – with the classic Red Roses!

UPDATE – Unfortunately no longer available as of 20/3/2020 

Treat your Valentine to the Ultimate Gift Set including some beautiful fresh Red Roses, a bottle of wine and Chocolates.

Idea– ‘Ultimate balloon Gift Set’

Supplier – Prestige Flowers via Amazon

Price – Medium upwards. £40.99

Delivery – Free

Potters Party Balloons Summary – If you think your partner is worth it, then this is definitely the gift set to get. Put the smile on their face by having it delivered on Valentines Day – Guaranteed.

An excellent gift sent from a very reputable florist. Arrives on Valentines day with a beautiful small ‘I Love You’ printed balloon ready-inflated and well-presented amongst six red roses. Included in the gift set is a bottle of wine, some special Valentines heart Chocolates and a personalised gift card.

The reviews of the supplier (Prestige Flowers) are outstanding, with over 50,000 reviews averaging 4.3. The ultimate gift-set is superb value-for-money especially when you want it delivered directly to your loved one on the special day.


Love Makes the World Go Around – With Smiles

Remember, whenever we think of balloons, we automatically think of parties and smiling faces, so instead of giving the same old chocolates from your local supermarket or that bunch flowers from the garage, replace it by one of our balloon ideas and see the difference in your partner’s smile.

Have a great Valentines Day and spread the love, keep on smiling.

Please take a moment to bookmark our site and return to us for some more great ideas here at Potters Party Balloons.

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